Emergency Preparedness

COVID-19/Coronavirus – Frequently Asked Questions

What can be done right now to prevent the spread of the coronavirus? Per guidance from subject matter experts such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Chicago Department of Public health (CDPH), hygiene and social distancing are the best tactics for individuals and organizations to undertake at this point in the outbreak. Wash your hands frequently, utilize approved cleaning products and sanitizer on high-contact surfaces, do not touch your face, do not gather in groups of ten or more and keep at least six feet of distance from others when possible.

How do we tell rumor from fact at this time? There are certainly a lot of rumors and misinformation circulating about coronavirus and the governmental response. Trusted resources and subject matter experts such as the CDC and CDPH can be referenced via the links listed below. Announcements by senior elected officials and public safety authorities can be considered reliable sources. Forwarded text messages or emails and social media websites have proven to be extremely unreliable sources of information during this outbreak and should not be further forwarded or shared.

What has Titan done to prepare for a pandemic? Aligned with industry best practices, Titan has written and implemented a corporate emergency operations plan (EOP) and a business continuity plan. Both documents assist senior leadership in decision making and asset allocation during crises such as a pandemic.

What is Titan’s policy for staffing during a pandemic? Titan will work with our Clients to meet baseline security requirements for a given facility. In the event of a widespread or other major disruption Titan may implement the following measures:

  • Reducing staffing to minimal coverage per location
  • Implementing 12-hour shifts for security personnel (note that overtime generated due to this step would be billable)
  • Suspending non-essential building activities (weekend training classes, etc.)

What does the Governor’s “stay-at-home” directive mean? Travel restrictions for non-essential personnel were put in place by Governor Pritzker effective March 21. For security professionals, this has very little impact. Public transportation, roads, hospitals, grocery stores, and gas stations remain open. We are approved to travel to and from our workplaces and will continue to provide a safe environment at our buildings. Other vital functions such as police, fire, property management, engineering, and delivery drivers are also authorized to travel as needed.

Is there a credentialing system to get back into the city? It is highly unlikely that City authorities will place extreme access-control measures on the CBD. If any such restrictions were applied, law enforcement would coordinate reentry to this area once the Incident Commander had deemed it safe to return. Chicago utilizes the FIMS/CP3 system to identify critical infrastructure partners, and the emergency contacts listed in the system would be prioritized for reentry.

What comes next? The current viral outbreak could be disruptive to businesses for weeks or even months. Many companies will continue or expand their work-from-home policies, and expand their use of technology such as remote videoconferencing. Security and property management professionals should continue to:

  • Follow guidance from subject matter experts such as the CDC and CDPH
  • Actively monitor reliable sources of information
  • Initiate and follow their business continuity plans

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