ISM invests considerable resources in the training program for all Security Officers.  Security Officers are trained to meet the criteria established by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation.

Initial training begins with an eight hour course which covers such varied topics as: Courtesy in Security, Safety, Important Aspects of Report Writing, Fire Risk, Disaster Preparedness, Face to Face with Difficult People, and The Appropriate Use of Force.

Our training continues past the initial training and specialized training phases.  Training sessions will cover topics that are relevant to the building in which they are assigned and the current security climate prevalent at the time, such as customer service, building, and officer improvement. Prior to the training, ISM management will work with building management to decide on topics to be covered at the training sessions.  Certain training programs involve roll-playing and instruction from our highest performing staff.

For ISM clients who require armed ISM Security Officers, ISM Security has its own in-house training program covering policy, procedures, and legal issues. Armed Security Officers must achieve a qualifying range score in this stringent program. Training continues with mechanical restraint and handgun retention classes as well as response to critical incidents.

For ISM Security Officers in the supervisory ranks, ISM has training programs with the course objective of placing competent officers in command positions. Supervisor training subject matter covers a wide range of topics geared to help not only the Supervisors improve their work performance, but also to help improve the performance of their subordinates.